Cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token (BAT) Trades at 2-Month Highs

Basic Attention Token, the cryptocurrency of the privacy-focused Brave browser, rallied on Tuesday to its highest level since August 2019, trading as high as $0.238 on Binance.

The BAT token has seen an influx of investment over the past two months due to the rapidly growing number of advertisers, publishers and users within Brave's ecosystem. "Brave is growing on the user front, with daily active users passing the 2.8 million mark recently, and monthly active users now at 8 million.," said Brave today in a statement.

Brave also boasted of the above-average click-through rates advertisers have experienced on their campaigns, claiming an unheard of 14% click-thought rate (industry average is 2%). Semiconductor giant Intel recently conducted a Brave ad campaign to promote its Gamer Days giveaways.

Other big media brands have also warmed up to Brave: Khan Academy verified their website with Brave in September, while ArsTechnica and Wikipedia, the 7th most visited website in the world, signed up with Brave in August.

To boost transparency and investor confidence, Brave unveiled a new portal "Brave Transparency Data Feed" today to show the amount of BAT cryptocurrency advertisers have purchased.