'Bitcoin Cash' Receiving More Support Ahead of Launch From Asian Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Another major South Korean exchange announced support for Bitcoin Cash (BCC) today. Seoul-based Korbit said in a blog post on Tumbr that all clients will get BCC at a ratio of 1:1 to their Bitcoin deposits at the time of the fork, which is scheduled for August 1.

And just like Bithumb, Korbit states that all clients will be able to trade BCC a few days after the fork, when the BCC chain is stable.

A similar attitude towards BCC was also adopted by Huobi, one of China's largest exchanges by volume. In today's statement, Huobi said its clients will automatically receive free BCC coins after the fork. Additionally, Huobi said that trading of BCC will commence after "another announcement around August 1,2017."

While many Asian exchanges have already expresses support for the new Bitcoin fork, European and American exchanges/services have not been so welcoming. Bitrefill, a service that enables clients to top up their prepaid phones with bitcoin, said today that BCC will not be supported:
"We don’t have any plans to support Bitcoin Cash as a currency. Our limited engineering resources are currently being prioritized to supporting SegWit and Lightning Network transactions once those things become available."
Bitrefill also said that any BCC in company possession after the fork will be sold off on exchanges and redistributed back to clients.