Canadians Warming Up to Bitcoin in 2017; Domestic Exchanges See Increasing Volumes

The Canadian dollar has been floundering against the USD over the past two months, depreciating 4.2 percent between the start of February and mid-March as a result of lower oil prices, uncertainty surrounding US trade policy and excessive slack in the Canadian economy.

But there is evidence that some Canadians are taking a second look at digital currencies like Bitcoin.

For example, trading activity on LocalBitcoins - a P2P online marketplace for cryptocurrencies - by Canadians has been on the rise since the start of 2017.

The most recent weekly volume data by, which keeps track of LocalBitcoins activity in several countries, shows that $605,785 CAD worth of the digital currency changed hands in Canada during the last week of March:

Last week’s figure exceeded the previous weekly record of $475,930 CAD, which was recorded during the second week of March, 2017, by about $129,855 CAD. This is the largest week-to-week increase on record!

While the amount of actual Bitcoin traded in Canada on LocalBitcoins did not increase to a new record high last week, it did rise to a 53-week high of 431 Bitcoin.

Additionally, Canadians’ rising appetite for digital currencies can also be observed by looking at the rising volumes of one of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges: the Vancouver-based QuadrigaCX.

Charts from Bitcoinity show that majority of the highest volume days on QuadrigaCX’s CAD/Bitcoin trading pair were in March of this year. On March 9th, a record $2.7 million Canadian dollars went through QuadrigaCX: