Trump Supporter Wearing "Make Bitcoin Great Again" Hat Pepper Sprayed at UC Berkeley Protests

Kiara Robles, a Trump supporter who was wearing a red hat with "Make Bitcoin Great Again" embroidered on the front, was pepper sprayed on Wednesday night as she was being interviewed by a reporter from ACB7 News.

The incident took place at the UC Berkeley protests against conservative speaker Milo Yiannopulos, who was scheduled to give a speech on Wednesday night.

The hat Robles was wearing is sold by Chinese bitcoin exchange BTCC. The hat retails for 0.03 BTC ($30) and is shipped worldwide.

This morning, a BTCC representative posted a statement in response to the pepper spray attack on Reddit:
“Our hearts go out to Kiara Robles who was attacked at UC Berkeley yesterday while wearing a BTCC Make Bitcoin Great Again cap. We condemn senseless attacks based on what people are wearing or their perceived political affiliation. Thank you for supporting bitcoin Kiara; we stand with you.”
BTCC also expressed their support for Ms. Robles on their official Twitter account: