HolyTransaction Integrates Anonymous Cryptocurrency Zcash

HolyTransaction, an online wallet provider that supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, integrated anonymity-focused digital currency, Zcash:
“We are very proud about this new implementation for storing safely this disruptive digital currency.”
Unlike other blockchain-based digital currencies, Zcash users can choose to obfuscate every detail of their transactions (sender, recipient and amount) - a feature not available on other top altcoins like Ethereum.

The Luxembourg-based service has been on an altcoin-adding spree since the start of the month. On Februray 9th, HolyTransaction added support for Gamecredits and Faircoin.

With the today’s addition of Zcash, HolyTransaction now supports a total of 21 unique digital currencies.

All HolyTransaction users are now able to transfer Zcash among each other without paying any additional fees. In addition to Zcash, HolyTransaction also supports DASH, however, Monero, another privacy-focused digital asset, has not been added yet.

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