European Exchange Bitstamp Adds Ripple/Bitcoin Trading Pair

Bitstamp, an EU-regulated digital currency exchange based in Luxembourg, launched the XRP/BTC pair today. As of today, Bitstamp has three Ripple pairs, two of which were launched on January 17, 2017.

The addition of the Ripple pairs is part of Bitstamp’s strategy to position itself as a leader in the cross-border remittance industry:

“Of all the digital assets on the market, XRP is unique in that it can be used as a bridge currency for real-time settlement, allowing for the efficient exchange of value across borders.“

According to the announcement, Bitstamp is waiving trading fees on the new pair until February 28th, with 50% discounts between Feb. 28th and March 31st, and 25% discounts between March 31st and April 30th.

Bitstamp also said Ripple trading will be available on its Android and iOS mobile apps by Friday (Feb. 17).

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