Anonymity-focused Cryptocurrencies DASH and Zcash Now Supported by TREZOR Wallet

SatoshiLabs, developers of the TREZOR hardware bitcoin wallet, have recently introduced support for privacy-focused digital currencies DASH and Zcash in their online cryptocurrency wallet service, TREZOR Wallet.

The Czech-based SatoshiLabs said they began investigating the possibility of supporting alternative digital currencies after receiving numerous requests.

While Zcash is fully functional on the TREZOR Wallet, only a certain address format is currently supported:
“TREZOR Wallet only supports T-addresses only. This is due to the hardware limitations of the device and the requirements of Z-addresses. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.”
Unconfirmed Zcash transactions are currently not be visible on the TREZOR Wallet, “This is currently being worked on, and the fix will be deployed soon,” said SatoshiLabs.

Along with the TREZOR online wallet, Zcash and Dash are also supported on the TREZOR hardware wallet with the latest firmware update.

The TREZOR Wallet uses Insight, an open-source blockchain API, to query information from the blockchains of various digital currencies. And SatoshiLabs explained on their blog that any additional cryptocurrencies added to the TREZOR Wallet would have to be compatible with Insight.