Paxful Brings Bitcoin to the Masses with the "Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk" Program

Paxful, a Delaware-based online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell bitcoin directly from each other via multiple online/legacy payments methods, has announced the launch of their new Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk program.

With the new program - called BitSeed - Paxful affiliates are able to earn a 2 percent commission by embedding a simple widget, which allows anyone to purchase the digital currency by completing a short 5-step process, on any website or social media platform:
“The widget provided by Paxful can be embedded within any website, blog, YouTube channel, mobile app, email subscriber list, or even a Facebook page, instantly allowing anybody to have their own customized bitcoin kiosk.”
Ray Youssef, co-founder of Paxful, framed the new initiative as an elegant method for non-techies and newcomers to the virtual currency space to acquire bitcoin, "We have spent a year and a half learning the game inside and out and factoring in every little place where a first time buyer can get stuck and giving them a way to finish,” explains Youssef.

The new BitSeed widget is very practical for users looking to quickly convert their gift cards to bitcoin, “We noticed that most of the existing services have been tailored for individuals who have access to banking systems, though when it came to purchasing bitcoins through other means – such as gift cards, debit cards, cash deposits etc – the options were somewhat limited,” the Paxfull team said on their blog.

According to data compiled by, more than 50% of the trades on Paxful are done via gift card:

BitSeed widget users also get to a customize their links:

The Paxful marketplace features over 300 different payment methods, and supports most gift cards issued by major retailers. To provide some additional incentive, Paxful has offered to giveaway 10 BTC ($9000 at current exchange rates) to the top BitSeed widget users by February 10, 2017.