Mizuho Bank Integrates Thomson Reuters' Forex Trading Platform

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc, the third largest financial institution in Japan, announced today the integration of the Thomson Reuters FX platform (FXT).

The Thomson Reuters Forex trading desktop features the widest variety of currency pairs and currency trading instruments like FX swaps and Options, “Users also gain access to new order types such as Peg, TWAP and Icebergs, thus providing greater flexibility and choice in execution,” said the Thomson Reuter.

And Yosuke Takahashi from the International Forex Department at Mizuho Bank also mentioned the importance of the wide variety of order types on the FXT Platform, in his statement:
“The biggest advantage of FXT for dealers is the availability of more ordering methods. The diversification of ordering methods leads to the improvement of operating functions and also translates into more opportunities for trading profits."
The new integration will connect Mizuho’s Japanese traders with a global community of FX specialists and counterparties, which number in the thousands.

Image of the FXT platform courtesy of Sam Grant from Thompson Reuters

Michael Go, Head of FX Market Development at the Asian Pacific division of Thomson Reuters, explained that FXT will give Mizuho traders access to greater pool of liquidity in the global currency marketplace, “We are proud of Mizuho’s selection of FXT, which highlights Thomson Reuters achievements and progress in the foreign exchange space,” he adds.

While the dollar and the euro are still the top currencies in the global Forex market in terms of total annual volume, the Japanese yen is the third most popular currency by turnover, according to the most recent Triennial Central Bank Survey of foreign exchange and OTC derivatives markets in 2016.