Bitfinex Hacker Transfers 876 Bitcoin ($800,000) Into Various Addresses on the Bitcoin Network; First Move Since August

The hacker responsible for stealing $70 million worth of bitcoin from Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex, has started to move the ill gotten coins to various addresses on the Bitcoin network.

Over the past two days, the thief has moved approximately 876.82 BTC ($806,674.4 at today’s exchange rate) in a 196 different transactions, according to transaction data compiled by blockchain enthusiast, Chris Ellis.

Bitfinex has responded on Twitter by offering a sizable bounty to anyone with information that results in the recovery of the stolen funds.

The crafty maneuvers of the Bitfinex hacker is also being tracked by blockchain forensics & compliance firms like Luxembourg-based Scorechain, which also alerted Bitfinex on the movement of the stolen coins.

In a blog post in October of 2016, Bitfinex risk manager Giancarlo Devasini offered an “enormous bug bounty” to the hacker - payable in a privacy-centric cryptocurrency like Monero/Dash - in exchange for returning most of the stolen bitcoin, but no one has come forth so far.

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  1. Holywood will probably make a movie of this! So the hacker, he or she, most probably he but you never know. Is trying to confuse the trail, and probably has the intention of mixing stolen bitcoin in with accounts holding legitimate bitcoin, or with cashing out for fiat on the street. It is certainly going to be interesting to see how this story turns out in the long run.

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