Storj Launches Beta Service on Heroku Elements Marketplace; Announces COX Enterprises as First Fortune 500 Customer

Blockchain technology has already disrupted the financial industry and the race is now on for who can apply the innovative concept in the P2P cloud storage space. Storj Labs Inc, an Atlanta-based startup leveraging blockchains & cryptography to build a P2P file storage marketplace, recently partnered up with developer tools platform Heroku Elements Marketplace.

The partnership opens up Storj’s blockchain-based storage network to existing Heroku clients, with no overhead costs. Storj’s collaboration with Heroku is currently in the testing phase and beta testers will not be required to pay for storage space with the Storj digital currency, which currently trades on the Poloniex crypto-currency exchange.

“During the beta testing period, access to Storj will be free, just like in our current standalone product,” says Storj.

More recently, yesterday, in fact, Storj Labs CEO Shawn Wilkinson presented his company’s vision at the Venture Atlanta 2016 conference and announced Cox Enterprises, an Atlanta-based communications conglomerate, as Storj's first Fortune 500 client:

Storj Labs is one of a few startups aiming to launch a fully decentralized cloud storage network, where uploaders pay cloud space providers - called farmers - with a digital token. The project was launched in 2014, raising a staggering 910 bitcoin - approximately $626,000 at today’s exchange rates - via crowdsale.

Interestingly, the Storj digital token is one of the few digital currencies that has managed to increase in price over the last two years, while many other alternative cryptocurrencies have lost ground against Bitcoin. The COX enterprises announcement spiked the Storj exchange rate approximately 27.5 percent.

Storj chart via Poloniex

Storj chart via Poloniex