Stocks Crash 550 Points as Trump Gains Lead in Florida with 93.7% of the Votes Counted

Equities are in free fall as Donald Trump is gaining momentum in Florida, a key battleground state of vital importance to both presidential candidates, with 93.76 percent of the vote already counted and a total of 129 electoral votes, according to the election map.

Source: Yahoo

At press time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down about 500 points already in the overnight trading session.

The EUR/USD has shot up 176+ pips (+1.61 percent) and the GBP/USD has jumped 120 pips (+1.07 percent).

Like the euro and the pound, gold is also up quite sharply: +$43, which translates to a 3.38 percent appreciation in the space of only two hours!!

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  1. i think it's just temporary, after the election and after the final results, everything will back to it's normal operations. i just wonder why this happened if while Trump is a well-known businessman, isn't it that if he became a president, he will be more likely to help the stocks trading?


    1. Wall Street is firmly behind Hillary, they have donated millions to her campaign. Trump winning is very bad news for them.

  2. Well, it's now merely two days later and things have recovered and then more haha... so similar to the doom and gloom of brexit followed by the sobriety after acceptance.

    Meanwhile USD hit today an all time high against The Malaysian ringgit. Southeast Asian currencies are going to be heading for a torrid time.

    Well done Trump.

  3. I see these stats just for moment. Don't think that in future will be the same. Already on 17th stats are getting normal which is appreciable.

    Now, we're having an elected republican president. Going to see how he's policies will be with Middle East and East Europe.

    Winter is coming directly from Siberia!


  4. Many of the financial slime bags involved with the establishment back Hillary so it does not surprise me. Bitoin increased with Donald Trump since his campaign aligns with the free market type of investors. We will have to wait and see what he will do with the country.


  5. Patience. The first thing that I heard about trading is: PATIENCE,PATIENCE,PATIENCE.

    We should be patience and wait for more updates, we need this market to be stabilized.

    Personally I think that in January it will be a disaster with inauguration of trump but still...


  6. This slump may 'pale in insignificance' when Trump reveals his version of 'the new world order'.