Multi-platform Wallet Jaxx Adds Support for Zcash, Much-Hyped Anonymous Digital Currency Based on Zero-knowledge Proofs

Toronto-based Decentral, developers of the Jaxx multi-platform and multi-coin wallet, have added support for Zcash, the much-hyped anonymous digital currency. Jaxx said in their announcement the Zcash token is currently available on 7 platforms: Android, Tablet, OS X, Chrome, Firefox, Windows and Linux.

Support for iPhone and iPad is forthcoming, pending approval from Apple. Privacy-centric digital currency Monero also had to be green-lit by Apple for use in iPad and iPhone Jaxx wallets.

The Zcash currency was launched with great fanfare last week; Kraken launched multiple fiat trading pairs for Zcash when the first block on the network was mined; Poloniex launched ZEC/BTC, ZEC/ETH, ZEC/XMR, and ZEC/USDT markets on Friday; Swiss-based ShapeShift added Zcash on Saturday:

The hype surrounding Zcash even spurred Jaxx CEO Anthony Di Iorio to push the developer team to integrate the privacy-focused token as fast as possible, “Our team has worked hard to speed up the integration process, to test it appropriately, and to provide thousands of customers with access to this coin as soon as possible,” he explained.

Cryptography expert and CEO of Zcash, Zooko Wilcox, said the Jaxx wallet does not have support for many of Zcash’s privacy functionalities at this time. However, Wilcox also believes the Jaxx wallet will give early Zcash adopters a versatile platform to store and transact with the innovative token, “I’m excited about Jaxx adding support for Zcash because it works on many different platforms and devices and it already supports other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum,” he adds.

Unlike Bitcoin’s blockchain, where all transactions on the network can be viewed and inspected by anyone, the Zcash blockchain network allows transactions to take place in an anonymous fashion via zero-knowledge proofs.

Zcash users have the ability keep transaction amounts and addresses away from prying eyes, an option not available on most other blockchain-based digital assets.

At press time, the ZEC/BTC exchange rate on Poloniex is hovering around 2.12!