Clinton FBI News Shocks Equity & Currency Markets; Big Gaps on Euro, Pound and Yen on Sunday Night

Currency markets and equities were rocked on Sunday night on news that the FBI will not be recommending charges against Hillary Clinton after reviewing newly discovered emails. The Dow Jones Industrial Average shot up about 200 points in pre-market trading, while the EUR/USD opened down about 80 pips (-0.71 percent).

At press time, the EUR/USD has recovered about 50 pips. The GBP/USD pair opened with a 65-pip gap (-0.51 percent), while the biggest gap recorded was on the USD/JPY, which opened higher by about 93 pips (+0.95 percent). Since the open, the USD/JPY managed to rally another 50 pips, for a total of 143 pips in the last 3 hours.

The USD/CAD opened about 50 pips lower (-0.42 percent), however, most of the gap has now been closed, with the pair currently hovering around 1.3384 - 17 pips below Sunday’s close of 1.34016.

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  1. another election hype effect that will be back to normal after the election, whoever wins between the two aspirants will have some effects good or bad in all aspects, that is the political influence in a society.


  2. The boost on the stock markets on receipt of this news in the hope that Clinton's way was clear to a successful bid for the presidency will be short lived.


  3. These events are paradise city for scalpers and day traders haha. When markets show knee-jerks like these you wonder even if they really are panicky little stockholders or if they are just trolling the markets.

    Perhaps we can also speculate that certain FBI directors have personal interest haha!


  4. We all thought Clinton is going to be a president! Right?

    I think I was one of the only persons that didn't believed such a thing. I personally honor her try at 70 years and it could be amazing to have in US history 2 husbands that served as presidents.

    This thing with FBI and market was a little expected..Hopefully after every shock at a moment the market will come back and daily there will be more and more problems.


  5. Clinton or Trump? Now I know the answer, and for sure the answer is republican. Clinton wasn't the best secretary of state so yeah this seems to be legit. Up and down! That's how the market was in that days. Hopefully everything will become normal in the next days!