Bitcoin Trading Surges 20 Percent to €1 Million in Europe on LocalBitcoins

While global volumes on P2P trading site dipped for the first time in four weeks, turnover in Europe last week has shot up to an all-time high of 1,080,184 euros. This figure is +20 percent higher than the previous record of €854,624, recorded during the week of 2016-11-05.

LocalBitcoins turnover in Australia last week came very close to a new record as well, registering $1,141,374 Australian dollars; slightly lower than the all-time high of 1,142,916, which was recorded in December of 2015.

Although new all-time highs weren’t recorded in the usual countries - Russia and Venezuela - last week, turnover in both nations remained at elevated level. In fact, last week, volume in Venezuela came in at 4,015,475 Venezuelan bolivars worth of Bitcoin trades; the second-highest reading to date.

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  1. These weekly surges are probably riding on the bitcoin price bulls of recent weeks... network congestion may explain away the temporary dips but otherwise there is no reason to see the trend continue.

    Altcoin users struggle to see the same growth so bitcoin adopters have much to celebrate for a very long time!

  2. I think bitcoin is not only keeping growth ; it s dominating in all the transactions in the internet , and how we know more than 50 percent they are now in europe buying from the internet .
    as mush people knows it the safe way ; they will love it


  3. The price of bitcoin can go really up these months. People are buying, people are trading more and more.

    And in any cases LB is offering many ways of payments, starting with gift cards or bank transfers.

    All my friends from crypto world started to invest in bitcoin, they are all hoping that bitcoin will reach 1200$ soon so a increase of LB in near future can be expected easily.

  4. Local bitcoins is getting really known. I just found out about this service and I'm a little shocked about what some users can offer to me. Traders with high quality reviews, some of them with over 1000 trades completed.


  5. The continued elevation in bitcoin trading is set to continue as Europe struggles with bad bank debts and the world waits to see how the Trump presidency will impact the world economic and political trends.


  6. this is a continous phenomenon, as bitcoins getting very popular, we can expect more for the succeeding years untill the bitcoin is equal with the fiat in terms of financial stability.