AMP Futures Announces Support for MetaTrader 5 and MultiCharts 10 Beta 2

AMP Futures, a Chicago-based Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) & Forex broker, announced it has added support for trading platforms MetaTrader5 (MT5) and MultiCharts 10 Beta 2.


The MT5 integration was announced today and all AMP Futures clients will be able to make use of the rich library of indicators and trading robots available for the MetaTrader family of platforms, "The Web Platform provides even more possibilities and allows you to work from any web browser and any device," said AMP.

The new MT5 platform is superior to the older, more popular MT4 in several ways; 6 new order types vs 4; depth of market and time&sales are only available on the newer MT5; MT5 has support for Futures, Stocks, Options and Bonds, while MT4 only supports Forex and CFDs trading.

As part of the launch, the company also released a set of 18 tutorial videos on their YouTube channel for the MT5 platform.


Yesterday, AMP Futures also added support for MultiCharts .NET 10.0 Beta 2, which was officially released by the developers on September 19, 2016. The new version features support for 4K resolution and a completely redesigned GUI. The new platform also supports Monte-Carlo statistical modeling.

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  1. I'm surprised it took them this long (kidding)! It's so easy to fall far behind when MT5 really is the standard for a respectable broker, even if MT4 people haven't gotten around to the change yet. Kudos on MC 10 support too.


  2. MetaTrader 5...oh yeah.. I don't see so much differences but still at platform that I'm trading ocassionally I'm still using mt3.


  3. This is so fast! Wasn't expected to get to Meta Trader 5 in such a short periode. Well, we are exchanging iphones 2 times a year, now we're going to change everything :)) . Still in touch with meta trader 4. I do not like changes


  4. Great news! AMP/MT5 is a good fasting loading. Testing it now. TPO chart opens on default. The are the cheapest. Very happy!