Swiss Exchange ShapeShift Adds Augur's REP token, Kraken Exchange Activates Margin Trading for REP-based Pairs

San Francisco-based exchange Kraken launched six REP-based pairs last week. Today, the exchange announced 2X margin trading for three pairs: REP/XBT, REP/ETH and REP/EUR. Per the announcement, margin traders on Kraken will be limited by the tier verification level of their account; Tier 1 is limited to 200 REP; Tier 2 to 1000 REP; Tier 3 maxes out at 2500 REP; limit for Tier 4 is set to 5000 REP.

Although margin trading is available on select pairs, Kraken has stated that REP balances can’t be used as collateral for opening margin position on other instruments, “For this reason you should always maintain adequate balances in other collateral currencies to maintain your margin positions,” writes Kraken.

The REP Augur token was also added to Swiss-based automated exchange yesterday. Emily, ShapeShift's head of marketing, wrote:
"There are some pretty cool projects floating around the crypto-sphere. One that ShapeShift has been keeping an eye on is the decentralized prediction market platform, Augur. We are now excited to announce our addition of the Augur token, Reputation (REP)."
Additionally, Toronto-based multi-platform digital currency wallet provider Jaxx announced support for the Augur token last Friday.

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  1. I'm an early Augur investor and it has been exciting to watch it develop in slack. The Augur team is a highly motivated organization and the are absolutely devoted to making the platform work. It's nice to have Augur's Reputation token receive so much support from leading exchanges.


  2. Augur is becoming popular and we will see it climbing the stairs for the next months till it reaches the peak with bitcoin and some top crypto.


  3. The REP Augur token seems to be receiving massive support across the exchanges. Definitely one to watch!!