SFC in Hong Kong Warns About Cressida Limited, a Forex & Derivatives Investment Firm With a Fake Address

The Hong Kong SFC has issued another warning against another unregulated broker: Cressida Limited. The unlicensed financial consulting firm claims to be offering real estate, foreign exchange, financial derivatives and equities trading & investment services, out of an address in Hong Kong.

The FSC has stated in their warning that Cressida Limited does not have a presence in the region:
“The company gives the above Hong Kong address but it is not located there.”
Cressida Limited claims to be the “largest privately brokerage/consulting firm in Hong Kong,” but their domain (cressidaltd.com) was only registered last year, according to information obtained from ICANN.

The management section of the Cressida Limited website also contains no real photographs of any of the employees, only names and empty icons are shown!

Cressida Limited also claims to be registered in Samoa and provides a company number on its site. However, upon checking Cressida’s company registration number (64592) with the Samoan Ministry of Commerce Industry & Labour, no results are returned!