Multi-Platform Wallet Jaxx Adds Litecoin and REP, Augur's Digital Currency

Toronto-based Decentral, a blockchain & fintech hub and creators of multi-coin wallet Jaxx, announced today a partnership with Augur, a prediction marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The collaboration will see the Jaxx wallet support Augur’s digital token called REP, which recently started trading on exchanges like Poloniex, ShapeShift and Kraken. Decentral’s Jaxx wallet functions on a variety of platforms and browser extensions: Android, iOS, OS X, Chrome, FireFox Windows and Linux.

Jaxx CEO Anthony Di Iorio said that Augur is a genius concept, citing the token’s rise in popularity since launching in beta.

Di Iorio adds:
“We have developed a great friendship with the team at Augur and are looking forward to providing our customer base with the most user-friendly way to manage their REP on computer, device or phone.”
According to Di Iorio, the multi-platform Jaxx wallet has been downloaded by more than 50,000 users since June, 2016, when the project was launched.

While the partnership between Jaxx and Augur has been finalized, the new version of the Jaxx wallet still has to get approval by the Apple App Store, which recently approved Ethereum Classic on Jaxx for the iPad and iPhone.

Di Iorio also stated that Litecoin will be added to Jaxx as well:
“Litecoin has already been pre-approved by Apple, and Jaxx has submitted a new version of its wallet, complete with Litecoin and REP, for AppStore review.”