HolyTransaction Relaunches With 5 Cryptocurrencies, Says Client Data May Have Leaked

HolyTransaction has reinstated full functionality to their site and users can now initiate send and receive transactions with five of the supported digital currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and Dash.

The company also said that transactions with Ethereum, Blackcoin, Gridcoin, Omni and Circuits will be enabled soon. However, the Luxembourg-based wallet provider revealed that user details may have been compromised during last month’s fraudulent email incident, when a rogue employee sent a mass email to the entire client database.

The email snafu prompted HolyTransaction to rebuild its infrastructure and left clients locked out of their accounts for several weeks.

Today’s email reads:
“We feel it is our responsibility to inform you that contact details from some of our users might have been leaked. Please be aware that if you receive any communication regarding HolyTransaction that is not directly from our mail addresses it is probably originating from this leak.”
HolyTransaction’s re-launch also comes with a new conversion service (HolyTransaction.trade), which allows users to instantly exchange Bitcoin into cash via several online payment platforms; Bitcoin to virtual credit card; Bitcoin to SEPA for EU residents; Bitcoin to HalCash, which allows residents of Spain & Poland to cash out at 10,000 ATMs; Teleingreso to Bitcoin, allowing people in Spain to buy the digital currency at ATMs and post offices; Easy Pay to Bitcoin, which allows Greeks to purchase digital currency at 500 ATMs; Paynet to Bitcoin for residents of Mexico.
Francesco Simonetti, CEO of HolyTransaction, revealed the addition of Pablo Martin and Santiago Mendez to the HolyTransaction developer team.

The developer-duo previously worked on DarkWallet, an open-source privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet. The DarkWallet project was founded by Amir Taki and gun-rights activist Cody Wilson.

While HolyTransaction has claimed that a rogue employee was responsible, the company has not disclosed the name of the perpetrator or any details on how the breach was executed.

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  1. i am admiring their courage to admit that there are possibilities of data leakage, however they are good to prompted out and address that incident, they are indeed caring for their costumer. relaunching with 5 crypto is such an innovation.


  2. Holy Transaction hopefully has plugged the security holes that allowed a rogue, disgruntled systems administrator access to confidential information. Security is equally as important as transparency if they want to assuage customer's fears.