FxPro Negative Order Slippage Jumps by 7.41% and Positive Slippage Drops by 13.22% in Q3 of 2016

FxPro, winner of the ‘Best FX Provider’ at the 2016 City of London Wealth Management Awards, released its quarterly execution statistics yesterday. The company began publicly disclosing order slippage and re-quote percentages in August of this year.

According to yesterday’s press release, during the months of July, August and September; overall positive order slippage was 36.23 percent; negative slippage came in at 27.81 percent; orders execute at quote made up 35.96 percent of all orders.

As for the re-quotes: 4.26% of all orders were re-quoted, with 1.99% receiving a better re-quote and 2.27% receiving a worse quote.

Comparison to previous data released on August 22, 2016:

The figures show that positive order slippage on FxPro has dropped by 13.22 percent over the previous quarter. At quote execution has jumped to 35.96 percent from 30.15, however, negative order slippage has increased by 7.41 percent in the third quarter.

The re-quote data shows a slight increase in the number of re-quotes in Q3: a small 0.09 percent increase. While negative re-quote percentages remain unchanged at 2.27 percent, positive re-quotes have increased by 0.09 percent:

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  1. FxPro will continue to be a leading light in the FX marketplace. As the winner of the ‘Best FX Provider’ at this years City of London Wealth Management Awards it has set the bar very high for its competitors.


  2. Interesting news, worth thinking about. Anyway - FxPro is one of the best brokers, I'm really happy with their services