ForexTime Sponsors Russian BASE jumper & Red Bull Athlete, Valery Rozov, Who Sets New World Record in China

Valery Rozov, a Russian BASE jumper and Red Bull athlete, set a new world record on Monday by jumping from mount Cho Oyo, in China, from a height of 7,700 meters. The Russian jumper set his new record with the help of a sponsorship deal from ForexTime (FXTM), a regulated FX broker in Cyprus, Britain, South Africa and Belize.

With this jump, Rozov broke his previous world-record, which was set in May of 2013 when he made a jump from the north peak of Mount Everest - also known as Changtse (7,220 meters) - in a specialized Red Bull wingsuit.
“I am very grateful to FXTM for its ongoing support in this project, and for giving us both the opportunity to show the world that if you want to achieve something great you need to push yourself and not give up,” said Rozov.
Valery Rozov sets new world-record in China:

The #FXTMbasejump project began with a jump off mount Bevant in Chamonix, France, on August 10 of this year, followed by jumps from mount Pisco in Peru and the Dolomites, a mountain range located in northeastern Italy. The jump phase of the project concluded this week with the final jump from mount Cho Oyo.

Olga Rybalkina, CEO of ForexTime Ltd, compared Rozov’s focus and dedication to FXTM’s attitude towards its clients, “By having the goal, gaining the proper training, understanding and managing the risk effectively, you have the potential to reach new heights,” she adds.

During the next steps of the campaign, Rozov will be visiting FXTM headquarters and a media tour is planned throughout China, with Rozov attending various meet-and-greet events.