Apple Gives Jaxx Approval to Add Privacy-Focused Digital Currency Monero

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Multicoin-wallet Jaxx announced today that privacy-focused digital currency Monero will be integrated across all supported platforms, even iOS. Jaxx CEO Anthony Di Iorio confirmed that permission has been granted by Apple for Monero to be included in the Jaxx iPhone wallet in a tweet:
The green light from Apple on Monero is surprising to say the least. DASH, another privacy-oriented digital currency, had to be removed in August from the Jaxx wallet on Apple’s orders. The crypto-currency community accused Apple of censorship & removing DASH due to its anonymization capabilities.

Apple also temporarily took down ShapeShift’s iOS app from the App Store and forced the Swiss-based exchange to remove DASH.

It remains to be seen if Apple decides to change its stance on Monero at some point in the near future, however, one thing remains clear: Jaxx will continue to integrate additional crypto-currencies through 2016.