Multi-coin HD Wallet Coinomi Adds Support for Gridcoin, Ethereum Classic and Smileycoin

Muli-currency mobile wallet Coinomi, currently available on the Android mobile platform, has added support for Ethereum Classic (ETC), Gridcoin Research (GRC) and Smileycoin (SMLY) in the latest beta release, announced several hours ago on the official Coinomi twitter. Along with the additional of the three new digital currencies, Coinomi has fixed several bugs related to Ethereum (ETH) in addition to updated fees for the Nubits and Nushares digital tokens.

The new wallet has been released as a “testing” version and existing Coinomi users will receive an update notification on their Android devices over the next few hours:
“If you already have the Coinomi Bitcoin Altcoin Wallet app installed on your device, you'll get an update with the testing version shortly. If you don't have the Coinomi Bitcoin Altcoin Wallet app installed, download it on Google Play first, then you'll get an update with the testing version. It can take a few hours for the update to arrive.”
While the newest version of the wallet is mainly intended for experimenting and testing, Gridcoin sending and receiving is functioning 100 percent, with transaction TXIDs accessible via GridResearchCorp, a block explorer for Gridcoin Research.

Coinomi is one of the few mobile virtual currency wallets with an embedded exchange functionality, where users can automatically convert between a variety of digital assets via the automated exchange, which doesn’t require users to register or submit any form of identity documentation.

An attitude that Coinomi has also embraced with their “No KYC bureaucracy” policy.
“Our servers anonymize your requests by hiding your IP address from prying eyes,”
The integration of Gridcoin into Coinomi may open the door for the eventual addition of GRC on the ShapeShift exchange.

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  1. This is certainly another step forward as Gridcoin, a research based coin, stregthens its credentials as the cryptocurrency to watch and get involved with.


  2. Coinomi and added cryptocurrencies both will benefit from this addition,when coinomi's polularity grow,they will also grow in popularity,also shapeshift integration would be great for gridcoin