HolyTransaction Tells Clients to Stop Using Old Addresses Following Fraudulent Email

The HolyTransaction team has sent out another email yesterday, telling clients to stop using their old digital currency wallet addresses.

Last week, the firm revealed that a rogue employee had sent a fraudulent email to the entire customer base, telling everyone that the online wallet provider was closing down due to lack of VC investment and poor revenues, “After this fraudulent email was sent out to you, unfortunately, it took various days of disputes to re-establish our access safely,” reads the email sent by HolyTransaction.

In yesterday's communique, the embattled wallet provider stated that user funds were never compromised.

HolyTransaction has enabled login access for all users and everyone has been asked to create new login credentials:
“At this time, you are able to login to your account, check your balances, and please remember to change your password after your first login. While our users continue to change their passwords, we are going to wait a few days to restore the ability to send your transactions.”
Although the company has claimed a rogue employee sent the fake email, there has been no mention of the name of the perpetrator and what consequences they will have to face.

HolyTransaction has not responded to requests for comment.