HolyTransaction is Not Closing Down, Rogue Employee Blamed for Email Snafu

Last week, an email communique from HolyTransaction - an online digital currency wallet provider, which supports multiple digital assets - instructed all clients to withdraw wallet balances by the end of the month as the service would be closing down.

But an official email sent to all HolyTransaction clients yesterday by CEO Francesco Simonetti claims that last week’s closure notice was sent by a disgruntled employee.

Simonetti’s email states:
“That message was the result of a disgruntled system administrator's reaction, but the situation is cleared now. We took action and there will be no further hiccups.”
As a result of the rogue email, the HolyTransaction team has decided to “to rebuild the entire infrastructure from scratch into new machines.” At press time, HolyTransaction services are still down and users are taken to a server maintenance page when attempting to login, which states:
“Our team continues to rebuild the infrastructure in new machines, we would like to assure that customers' funds are safe and about our total commitment to serve the community the best. We will be back online stronger than before. Keep tuned, many new features will be implemented soon.”