Forex Broker FXOpen Adds Ethereum Deposits and Withdrawals

FXOpen - a regulated Forex broker in the UK, Australia and Nevis - announced today that all existing clients will be able to fund their trading accounts with the Ethereum virtual currency (ETH).

The minimum deposit amount is currently set at 0.01 ETH, with no maximum limits, according to the announcement page. FXOpen also decided to waive deposit fee, however, clients will be paying 0.01 ETH withdrawal fee.

Ethereum was launched in 2015 as a decentralized crypto-currency with the added benefit of smart contracts, which gave the innovative virtual token some features which are currently not available on the Bitcoin network.

At its height in March of this year, the Ethereum network was valued north of $1 billion - second most valuable digital currency after Bitcoin - and ETH was trading around 0.03 against BTC. The Ethereum blockchain forked (split in two) in July, 2016, due to various disagreements within the community on how to deal with the DAO incident, which created a second Ethereum blockchain known as Ethereum Classic (ETC).

FXOpen pointed out in their announcement that only ETH deposits are allowed, not Ethereum Classic; Litecoin & Namecoin are also supported:
"Please note that FXOpen allows making transactions via ETH only."

Unlike many over-regulated Forex brokers in the United States and Canada, which only allow funding via traditional methods, FXOpen has been very accommodating towards digital currency enthusiasts. In July, 2016, FXOpen rolled out its Bitcoin-funded ECN trading accounts.

FXOpen does not service residents of the United States.