Important Pivot Levels on the EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, EURJPY, GBPJPY and NZDUSD for 07/01/2016

EUR/USD: 1.1116 & 1.1076

GBP/USD: 1.334 & 1.3236

The 1.3236 pivot - which I outlined in my Forex analysis on June 27th - is still quite relevant. This pivot zone halted the sell-off yesterday, so keep 1.3236 marked on your charts.

AUD/USD: 0.7468

USD/CAD: 1.301 & 1.292

The 1.292 area has propped up price over the past two days on several occasions, however, the market broke underneath this support level today. Unless price makes it above the 1.292 pivot again, the selling might intensify from here.

EUR/JPY: 114.60 & 113.74

The market has been gyrating between 113.74 and 114.60 for the past three days. A break of either of these pivot levels will probably determine the direction of the next trend.

GBP/JPY: 136

I outlined the importance of this pivot in my analysis on 06/27/2016, and this area is still holding up the GBP/JPY price today. The 136 level is the most important area on the chart now; a break underneath this area will probably signal the continuation of the bear market that started with the Brexit vote.

NZD/USD: 0.7136

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