Forex Robotics CEO Explains the Pepper FX Trading App

Japanese software firm Forex Robotics recently made headlines with their Forex trading application for the Pepper humanoid robot. The company presented their FX prototype app at the Robot Forum 2016, where the firm had a booth. Forex Robotics also showcased three other reference exhibits for the Pepper robot; foreign language translation app; computer security app; robot-to-human communication app.

We recently spoke to Forex Robotics CEO Kazuyuki Takahashi about the company's development efforts with Pepper.

RazorForex: Can you comment on how the Forex Robotics app will utilize Pepper's AI to execute trades on Oanda?

Kazuyuki Takahashi: Oanda and Oanda Japan are very smart FX brokers as they opened thier web API called “fxTrade API”. Pepper's Forex app calls this Web API directly and checks the current price, then sends a buy/sell and close commands to the server. This application is originally made by Forex Robotics, Oanda and Oanda Japan are not officially involved.

RazorForex: What will be the retail price of the FX Pepper app and what kind of support can clients expect from Forex Robotics?

Kazuyuki Takahashi: The Forex application is only a reference exhibit that demonstrates the potential of robots like Pepper. In the future, Pepper will co-work with a back-end system and report to the owner through a front-end device.

RazorForex: How did the idea of using Pepper in the Forex industry come about?

Kazuyuki Takahashi: Currently in Japan, there are several Pepper business applications and my company currently has one Pepper robot. The usual Pepper business applications revolve around communications and dialogue. However, I feel there is more potential in monetizing service robots such as Pepper, so we tried to show this with our reference exhibits.

RazorForex: Is the Forex trading app only available to Pepper owners in Japan?

Kazuyuki Takahashi: This application is only a reference exhibit, so it's not selling in any region at this time. However, Oanda's API is identical in Japan and Canada, and we can also support other brokers if they have a Web API.

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