San Francisco Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Integrates PayPal & Credit Card Payments

San Francisco-based Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has announced today a new PayPal withdrawal option for its US clients. Traders on Coinbase will be able to sell their bitcoin and request a withdrawal into their PayPal accounts.

Coinbase users will also have the ability to deposit funds into their account via credit card. According to today's blog post, the new payment options are still in beta, and Coinbase has plans to roll-out the new services to the rest of its 4-million-strong client base over the next few weeks.

The PayPal funding option is currently limited to US-based clients, with support for additional countries coming in a few months. Coinbase stated that "many funding mechanisms" will be added in the future to open up the digital currency markets to everyone in the world:

"With the addition of credit card support, we are getting closer to a world where customers can purchase bitcoin with any card in their wallet."

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