Intraday AUDUSD Price Pivot for 07/31/2015

The 0.7309 price level on the AUD/USD has now been used as support and resistance. A pretty clean-looking pivot in my view, so mark this area on your charts.

Intraday USDCAD Price Pivot for 07/31/2015

The 1.3030 level has been respected by the market as both - support (green arrows) and resistance (red arrow) - so I consider this level a price pivot area. In my experience, some of the best trades occur at established pivot areas, so keep an eye on 1.3030!

Intraday GBPUSD Price Pivot for 07/31/2015

Intraday AUDUSD Price Pivot for 07/30/2015

The 0.7286 level has been used by the market extensively over the past 24 hours. This level has provided support (green arrows) on three separate occasions. The market then had a very tough time getting over this area just a few hours ago (red arrow), so this level is pretty well established by now. The 0.7286 zone should be watched very carefully!!

Intraday EURUSD Price Pivot for 07/30/2015

The 1.0965 area has been used quite heavily as support (green arrows) and resistance (orange arrows), so this area can be considered an important pivot zone. Mark this area on your charts!